1000 Great Minds

Let us introduce you to 1000 Great Minds!

1000 Great Minds is a concept and human organization formed to bring

Love, Beauty and Mercy in to your life – by erasing unnecessary debt. One

example of this is our HoWi Moore Nationwide Housing Program. We enable

every desiring person in the country to get a house and a car, truck, van or a

SUV – Debt Free with no rent, mortgages or car payment to pay.

At this point, we are focusing on freeing up your income so that if you

might desire to start a business, we may be the one which capitalizes your

business. If you desire to travel, specially educate your children or get education

– you would have more money to put into it.

Essentially, our plan is to do three things related to nationwide economic



- Provide houses and cars debt free

- Free your income

-Capitalize small businesses

This is our main focus. You might call HoWi Moore the Santa Claus of

Housing. Just as you do not need a pilot’s license to fly [just get on the plane];

you do not need a mortgage to buy a house [just fly HoWi Moore]. 1000 Great

Minds is your real estate pilot: The plane is leaving the ground, and the ground

is leaving the plane. All aboard!!!

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