The 1000 Great Minds Plan 76/5

Economic Stabilization Package (ESP)

After working 76 part time hours over five months, each Great Minds receives $2,000,000 to further help stabilize you and your family under our no debt precept.

PLAN 76 is 1000 Great Minds Economic Stabilization Plan. It states that each Great Mind member receives $2,000,000 (two million dollars) AFTER WORKING 76/5 PART HOURS OVER 5 MONTHS from your home.

The $2,000,000 compensation must be disbursed as listed in the chart below.

Over the first two years from the business startup date, nine core nationwide businesses creating nine multi-streams of income benefit each of the 1000 Great Minds. These are the nine-spinoff companies initially operating in all 50 states, all 3,142 counties – and expanding worldwide:

1.     Bank

2.     Real Estate


3.     Land Development and Construction


4.     Insurance


5.     Environmental Engineering


6.     Film Production


7.     University


8.     Temporary Employment Staffing


9.     Foreign Exchange Currency Trading

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