What is 1000 Great Minds? 1000 Great Minds is a Capitalist in a better sense of the word; a Good Sumaritan, the adult Santa Claus, Frosty the Snow Man, the Boogaloo, the Protagonist of the Story, the South African Gold Mine, the One Who Has All the Fun, Whatever You Want to Call It, Earth, Wind and Fire, you name it; it's all going to be the greatest and greater good - fulfilling our mission, which is Mission Control - to do as we desire - without limitation.

Join a company [1000 Great Minds aka 1K GM Capital Inc] that has your multi-streams of income already set up [compact] in its initial business plan – so the money starts pouring in to you - from 9 core nationwide real-businesses – and they are not Multi-level Marketing conceptualized businesses.


The 1000 Great Minds partnership [in its perfected state] is designed so that the people [consumers and businesses] automatically come looking for us like they go looking for the grocery store. Why?

Because, we provide two essential things to the public under the support of HoWi Moore - our nationwide housing program that enables every desiring person in this country - and beyond [including homeless people and all people with bad or excellent credit] to get a house, and a car, truck, van or a SUV - debt free - with no rent, mortgage, car payments or debt to pay.


What 1000 Great Minds  does is - new paradigm; HOWI MOORE  HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE, although the sun is 93,000,000,000  miles from Earth, it is a mere component of the creation. What's 93,000,000 on the other side of the sun? 


HoWi Moore could be the answer to the prayers of a billion people. 1000 Great Minds is up to providing service to the world - as gladly as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Walmart and Amazon. HoWi Moore is about the new real estate paradigm: land and buildings - as these 5 fortune companies know well.

If not 1000 Great Minds and HoWi Moore - what?



In 3 phases, over 18 months, 9 core businesses are phased in – creating 9 multi-streams of income for the 1000 Great Minds. The businesses shall operate in all 3,142 U.S. counties and beyond.

  1. International Virtual Bank

  2. Real Estate

  3. Land Development & Construction

  4. Insurance

  5. Film Production

  6. Environmental Engineering

  7. University - Virtual

  8. Business Development & Employments Staffing

  9. Foreign Exchange Currency Trading