How 1000 Great Minds Works

We must be at the top of the mountain – to really see.

1000 GREAT MINDS are needed from all work and business professions from A to Z  bringing all skill sets, know-how, intellectual capital and business acumen to help startup, launch, direct, manage and oversee our newly created nationwide housing program called HoWi Moore.

Businesswoman at Conference
Happy Businessman

As a Great Mind one of our main routine functions is to take capital and produce more capital from that capital in order to pay for each HoWi Moore homebuyer’s home and car, truck, van or SUV. 

As example, banks take your $1,000 deposit, produce $300 in one, 1-hour trade from your $1,000 and give you a $20 [annual] return on your $1,000. The bank makes $280 using your $1,000.

Likewise, to add for clarity, 1000 Great Minds takes $1,000,000 in its reserve, produces $3,000,000 in 1-week and deposits $2,000,000 into the HoWi Moore homebuyers’ accounts - to be later used to buy or pay for the HoWi Moore homebuyers’ homes and cars, thereby leaving the HoWi Moore homebuyers rent, mortgage and car payment free.

Confident Businesswoman

The impetus of the collective I.Q., the group I.Q.,  of 1000 Great Minds makes 1000 Great Minds work; all the skill sets, know-how, intellectual capital and business acumen. We produce the money for each HoWi Moore homebuyer to buy a home and car in one single payment.

The Newly Created HoWi Moore Nationwide Housing Program

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