Terms and Conditions

1. I agree to work as a 1000 Great Minds member

2. Be a 1000 Great Minds venturer, because I slightly like the concept of the 1000 Great Minds’ HoWi

Moore Nationwide Housing Program that erases rent, mortgages and car payments for every

desiring person.

3. I agree that so as the Sun shines endlessly, that the energy of dead things such as rent, mortgages,

car payments and debt is unnecessary and not useful in any of 1000 Great Minds’ service.

4. My contribution to the 1000 Great Minds venture is $2,500 towards its business startup and

working capital. In addition, my second contribution is work.

5. I agree to work from home and the 1000 Great Minds headquarters space as directed, so long a

1000 Great Minds provides the means to do so.

6. As a member of 1000 Great Minds, I agree to perform routine and non-routine tasks as directed.

7. I understand that the two main core businesses of 1000 Great Minds are real estate and capital

production or wealth management and these businesses require my intensive attention, while not

taking away sufficient attention from other core businesses.

8. My work activities specifically include but are not limited to helping startup, launch, direct, manage

and oversee the HoWi Moore Nationwide Housing Program.

9. I comprehend and accept 1000 Great Minds’ Plan 76, which states that after working the initial 76

part time hours over 5 months from home, I receive a house and 2 cars with no rent, mortgage, car

payments or debt to pay. In addition, other embellishments include an escrow account containing

5 years of a low six-figure annual income set aside and dispersed to me in monthly increments.

10. Furthermore, the 1000 Great Minds business plan states and I accept, that I receive profit shares

from the 9 core nationwide businesses for a 2-year period.

11. According to the 1000 Great Minds HoWi Moore Joint Venture plan, the venture transpires over 4


12. Any Intellectual Property that I originate and employ in this Joint Venture is fully protected.

Furthermore, 1000 Great Minds agrees to use its best efforts to legitimize the full protection of my


13. Finally, I comprehend that 5 attorneys and 5 accountants shall, in real or my virtual presence

redraft and extend the content of this agreement, and explain it to me and incorporate all my

rights and other valuable interests in the more comprehensive, extended Joint Venture


14. I submit and contribute my $2,500 and value to 1000 Great Minds for the above stated purposes,

agree and comply with these provisions willingly and without any coercion.

Copyright © 2021 by 1000 Great Minds, All Rights Reserved

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