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HoWi Moore

Nationwide Housing Program 

for Every Desiring Person in the Country

Applies in All 3,142 U.S. Counties


Get a House & a Car, Truck, Van or a SUV

Debt Free

Giving you Moore. Moore is better.

HoWi Moore: No Credit Required



1000 Great Minds Are Urgently Needed

From All Work and Business Professions

From A to Z - to Help Manage

the HoWi Moore Nationwide Housing Program





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1000 Great Minds

The Brain



1000 GREAT MINDS are needed from all work and business professions from A to Z  bringing all the collective skill sets, know-how, intellectual capital and business acumen to the group - to help startup, launch, direct, manage and oversee our newly created HoWi Moore Nationwide Housing Program.

City Business Meeting


As a Great Mind one of our main routine functions is to take capital and produce more capital in order to pay for each HoWi Moore homebuyer’s home and car, truck, van or SUV. This leaves HoWi Moore homebuyers rent, mortgage, and car payment free.

Construction Site


The driving force of the collective

I.Q., the group I.Q., of 1000 Great Minds is the fuel that ignites 1000 Great Minds’ work

– all the skillsets, know-how, intellectual capital and new-age business acumen. We

produce the money for each HoWi Moore Homebuyer to buy a home and a car – in one

single payment.



Minds Needed




Months of

Part Time Work


Million Dollars

Profit Share

The Construction Projects


The HoWi Moore Nationwide Housing Program enables every desiring person in the country and beyond to get a house and a car, truck, van or a SUV – Debt Free, with no rent, mortgages or car payment to pay: No One Turned Down.

We are focusing on freeing up your income so that if you might desire to start a business, we may be the one which capitalizes your business. If you desire to travel, specially educate your children or get education – you would have more money to put into it.

Essentially, our plan is to do three things related to nationwide

Black Business, Economics & Wealth Development:

  • Provide homes and cars debt free

  • Free up your income

  • Capitalize small businesses

This is our main focus. You might call HoWi Moore the Santa Claus of Housing. Just as you do not need a pilot’s license to fly [just get on the plane] - you do not need rent or a mortgage to buy a house [just fly HoWi Moore]. 1000 Great Minds is your real estate pilot: The plane is leaving the ground, and the ground is leaving the plane. All aboard!!!


The HoWi Moore Phenomenon
Get a House! and a Car, Truck, Van or a SUV
Debt Free!


The House & the Car, Truck, Van & SUV

Once there was the telegraph’s sound communication device of Alexander

Graham Bell.

Then, there was the old dial-up, wall-wired, non-mobile telephone.

Then came the worldwide cell mobile-phone – enabling you

to talk in and from over 150 countries.

Once there was transportation - the horse, then the bicycle.

Then, there was the car.

Then came the airplane that flies over the highways,

enabling you to fly from the east coast to the west

coast of the U.S. - in a few hours – not a few days.

Once there was broadcasting - the radio, then the television.

Then came the laptop computer, enabling you

to listen to the radio, look at televisions, and get

all sorts of broadcasts of information and communication – far more than radio and television – all locations worldwide.

Once there was the lantern, then came the old light bulb – the

lightbulb of 1000 Great Minds, then the lightbulb of HoWi Moore –

enabling every desiring person in the country and beyond – to

Get a House and a Car, Truck, Van or a SUV – Debt Free – NO


Then came a paradigm shift in communication, transportation, broadcasting,

and lightening – which evolved to a paradigm shift in real estate,

HoWi Moore – the HoWi Moore Phenomenon: A better, faster, easier

way to get a home and a car – without any rent, mortgage or

car payments to pay: No One Turned Down. Everybody gets the light.




Plan 76 - Get a House - Debt Free




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